SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS is the leading European sustainable fibre-based packaging provider for food & beverage, consumer goods and industrial applications. We are an integrated solution provider specialized in recyclable board and packaging solutions, offering a wide range of advantages.


Our solid board stimulates top quality branding. The surface provides high quality printing opportunities for both offset and flexo printing, ensuring a unique product presentation.


Our solid board is suitable for direct food contact, thanks to our certified production process, enabling us to guarantee the quality and safety of your food.



Our solid board’s multi-layered construction gives superior stiffness. Solid board retains its strength, shape and volume in humid and wet conditions.


Our solid board packaging provides perfect storage, transport and product protection, guaranteeing puncture resistance and high stackability.

Our market lines are designed to make it even more easy for you to choose the right board for your application.


Get the latest insights into the sustainable board and packaging industry and find out how you can pack your products more effectively.

Solidus Solutions buys Northern Paper Board

Solidus Solutions announces its acquisition of a majority stake in Northern Paper Board Limited, the UK-based manufacturer of boxes used for packaging.

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Discover the whole world of Solidus Solutions and watch our Corporate Video.

Trash compactor for airline industry

Over the past years, we have designed, tested and produced a premium quality Trash Compactor Case.

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We find it a privilege to work with a natural and completely recyclable material. Recovered paper contains valuable fibres which can be reused up to seven times in the production of board. Solid board is a truly sustainable product. Also corporate social responsibility is an integrated and key element of our operational processes. In that approach most of our products are FSC certified.

We have the right solution for almost every project.